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What is Gen AI Kiosk?

With GenAI Kiosk, you can transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary avatars, allowing you to explore endless creative possibilities. Whether you want to become a whimsical character or a different style profile photo, we've got you covered. Read on to discover the exciting features and benefits of GenAI Kiosk!

Wide Variety of Avatar Styles

Explore a diverse range of avatar styles, ranging from realistic to cartoonish, to find the perfect representation of yourself.

Real-Time Generation

Enjoy the convenience of instant avatar generation, allowing you to see the transformation in real time.

Multiple Avatar Types

Whether you want an individual avatar, a couple avatar, or even an animal avatar, GenAI Kiosk offers different generator options to cater to your specific needs.

PNG and JPG formats

Your avatars will be available in both PNG and JPG formats at a resolution of 512px x 512px, ensuring excellent image quality for various purposes.

Benefits of

Gen AI Kiosk

Brand Promotion

Brand Promotion

Incorporating GenAI Kiosk avatars into event branding can create a visually appealing and memorable experience for attendees, enhancing brand recognition and recall.

Interactive Engagement

Interactive Engagement

By offering attendees the opportunity to create personalized avatars using GenAI Kiosk, events can foster interactive engagement and participation, leaving a lasting impression.

Event Personalization

Event Personalization

Customizable avatars from GenAI Kiosk allow event organizers to tailor avatars to specific themes, creating a cohesive and immersive experience that resonates with attendees.

Target Audience

Event Planners and Organizers

Event planners can leverage GenAI Kiosk to add a personalized touch to their events, enhancing attendee engagement and creating a unique brand experience.

Conference and Trade Show Attendees

Attendees of conferences and trade shows can use GenAI Kiosk to create avatars that represent their professional identity, facilitating networking and making a memorable impression on fellow attendees.

Virtual Event Platforms

GenAI Kiosk can be integrated into virtual event platforms, allowing attendees to create customized avatars that enhance their virtual presence and create a sense of connection in virtual environments.

Social and Community Events

From parties to meetups, GenAI Kiosk avatars can add an element of fun and personalization to social and community events, encouraging attendees to engage and interact with each other.

Fundraising and Charity Events

Using GenAI Kiosk avatars in fundraising and charity events can create a sense of unity and purpose among participants, helping to convey the mission and impact of the event.



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